Bröllop | Uddevalla Kyrka, Gustafsberg

Wedding / Bröllop , January 26, 2017

Bröllop i Uddevalla Kyrka

Finally, it was time even for Fredrik and Christina!
I followed my colleague Linda Svensson in Uddevalla as a second shooter to assist at one of her weddings. This was very useful, since at the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer it is of utmost importance to get as much practice as possible. The more practice, the more lessons learned. The more lessons learned, the less surprises in the future. And trust me, I take this very seriously.

The day started in Christina’s appartment and at a hairdresser’s nearby. I soon noticed that taking good photos of her was not going to be a problem. I love capturing genuine emotions, and all Christina throughout the day (and probably throughout her life) was laugh. Let’s admit it, laughter makes everyone look and feel so much better.

Christina and Fredrik saw each other for the first time at Uddevalla church (Uddevalla Kyrka) and were full of not-so-secret smiles that could be easily read as the happiest day of their lives, which of course didn’t surprise anyone invited to the wedding.

After the ceremony the rain broke out, so our only option for wedding portraits was to find a bit of a shelter. This was quite easily done close to Fredrik’s and Christina’s reception venue at Gustafsberg, just a couple of kilometres away from Uddevalla. It didn’t seem like anything could throw this happy bunch of people off. Especially not a couple of drops of rain. The good mood just kept flowing. We hope that you get the same feeling from the following photographs.


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