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Personal , January 31, 2018

Photographer on holiday

You may or may not have noticed, that in December I flew away from Sweden for a month, in search of sun, warmth and good food. This was, in fact, my very first trip outside of Europe. I had heard a lot about India and I had thought that I was ready for everything. I wasn’t. Not even close. No matter how much you hear, read or watch about India (and trust me, it’s all true), it is nothing compared to the actual experience of being there.

First and foremost, India is a universe of its own. It is important to not have too many ambitions when going there. The plans are guaranteed to fail or change, almost on an hourly basis. The trains are late, ten people will provide you with ten different answers to the same question and sometimes you just end up without the Internet for a week not knowing when it’s coming back. I admit that coming from the Western culture, where we try to keep things under control, this is kind of refreshing. Don’t try to understand it, it’s just the way it is. It is much easier to let your heart get broken wide open and follow the flow.
And trust me, it will break.

Because India is not about the amount of monuments you visit. It is about love and about the people you connect with. Whether it’s Indians or travellers, everyone has something to offer. Everyone is valuable and interesting.

Magical India

India will keep you on your toes constantly with omnipresent death, the colors, the smells, the tastes, the noises and the contrasts. Everything is possible here. There is absolute peace within the chaos and incredible wealth in total poverty.

As a photographer I couldn’t have traveled without a camera. However, I wish I’d owned a mirrorless camera, instead of running around with my very obvious and heavy DLSR (my old Canon 7D + Sigma 24-70). I have learnt my lesson.

Anyway, instead of writing more, I invite you to see a tiny bit of India from my perspective.

Bundi, Rajasthan

Apparently, goats suffer if it’s too cold.

Step wells in Rajasthan.

‘Bad-bad’ monkeys. Aka don’t leave your wheat and clothes to dry unattended.

vegetable market in Chowdi
Market in Chowdi, Goa

Hampi, Karnataka.
Hanuman temple, Karnataka.
Hanuman/ Monkey Temple, Karnataka.

Kailash Temple and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra
Kailash Temple and Ellora Caves, Maharashtra
Ellora Buddhist caves, India
Ellora Caves, Maharashtra

Beautiful people. So full of love.

Krishna's chai, Bundi, Rajasthan
Drinking chai at Krishna’s chai shop in Bundi. Best chai in India.

Blue city in Rajasthan
Bundi, Rajasthan, ‘The Blue City’

Colorful India.
Those colors!

Best holiday ever! Thank you, India!
04:30 February 1, 2018

Superbe photographie.Wonder full picture.

    06:13 February 1, 2018

    Merci beaucoup, Christian! I feel honored reading those words from you!

20:08 February 3, 2018

Výborné! Tešil som sa na fotky , cestopisy mám veľmi rád a fotky predčili moje očakávania.

    10:51 February 4, 2018

    To ma neskutocne tesi, Stano. Dakujem!

21:05 February 3, 2018

So excellent warming text andphotos. Zita You are a master !!

    10:52 February 4, 2018

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Per-Arne.

14:10 February 4, 2018

Ziti prekrasne!!!! uplne jsem tam byla s tebou :) jsi neskutecny talent.

    19:26 February 4, 2018

    Dakujem ti velmi pekne, Ivka. Som rada, ze si si fotky uzila, ale ver mi India nazivo je nieco co si nikto, kto tam nebol, nevie predstavit. A stoji to za to. Fakt odporucam!. ;)


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