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Wedding / Bröllop , February 12, 2018

With the Nature in Focus

Marja and Jani are two fantastic people who not only care about each other, but also about their friends, relationships, and our environment. That is also what they prioritized when they started planning their winter wedding in Tampere, Finland. Everyone involved in the wedding was a friend or family member and as much as possible was natural, recycled and organic. Yes, including the make up, wedding dress, wedding bouquet decorations and wine.

Me and Marja share the same values and so we first met as ‘wwoofers’ at an organic farm in Sweden. I was more than pleased to hear that her and Jani would like me to fly to Finland and photograph their Big Day a couple of years later.

It was quite unlike any of the usual summer weddings. The days are very short and the Finnish winter weather was really cold, but we managed, and here are Marja and Jani’s wedding  memories.

Återvunnen bröllopsklänning I think it was around -16 degrees Celsius on Marja and Jani’s wedding day. During the portrait session, we were basically running between the outside and the car. Every five to ten minutes, we went in and we warmed ourselves with some hot tea from thermos.Kallt och vackert vinterbröllop Brudbukett från naturen First time Marja and Jani met was at a local sauna. Of course we had to go there and create a memory that would forever remind them of this lucky moment. Lekar på ett finskt bröllopAre you getting married and looking for a photographer? If you like my work, please CONTACT ME HERE.
It doesn’t matter where your wedding is, nor if  it is in spring, summer, autumn or winter. I will be more than happy to document it for you.

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