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Boudoir / Morgongåva , December 29, 2018

Vulnerable on camera

This young lady’s name is Karolina and I admire her for her courage. We met for a vulnerable, but also a little playful boudoir photo session. We photographed in a really tiny apartment. Basically in a space of the size of a double bed. It happens to me quite often, so I got used to these challenges and I don’t mind anymore. On the contrary. Have I ever mentioned that I’m always up for a challenge?

Being vulnerable in general is really hard. I myself struggle daily. And to stand in front of the camera and opening up to a stranger is a whole new level. I admire every woman who has done this with me. I learn something new not just about them, but also about myself.

While I got to know Karolina a little better during the session, I offer you a short interview so that you can do the same.
I have decided to keep the photographs only in black and white this time.

I hope you enjoy.

If you had to describe yourself with three words…

Nerdy, passionate and sleepy.

What makes you happy?

My self chosen family, potatoes, my pillow, burlesque & glitter.

Dubbel exponering, boudoir bilder

What are your biggest strengths?

Arranging parties and eating a bag of crisps in one sitting

Morgongåva bilder för en blivande brud

What are your challenges?

I need to stop doing everything that comes my way and stop taking things so seriously.

What helps you get through a bad day?

I sleep and sing loudly. Off key. 🙂

If you could tell your teenage self one thing, what would it be?

Don’t let any more men hurt you, eat whatever you want, and ‘it is okay to be sad’.

Favorite quote that you wish more people lived by:

‘Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not others. You are you.’

Boudoir session, GöteborgSårbara bilder, fotograf Göteborg Boudoir fotograf, Sverige

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