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Lovebirds / Par , April 20, 2019

Lovebirds having fun in Gustafsberg, Uddevalla

First time I met Rebecca and Daniel in Uddevalla for a pre-wedding meeting. They expressed their wish to go for as relaxed wedding as possible, and that is absolutely my vibe. I knew immediately that having these guys in front of my camera would be fun. I just didn’t know how much fun until I met them a couple of weeks ago in Gustafsberg, close to Uddevalla. The evening was cloudy, and let’s be honest: no photographer ever complained about that; however, it was also quite cold and windy, and I was a bit worried about my clients’ well-being. As much as I want to take good photos, I also want people to enjoy the photoshoot, otherwise there will not be good memories.
Apparently, I didn’t have to worry. Rebecca and Daniel are here to have some fun! Appart from traveling, they both play rugby and I have heard a couple of details being planned for the wedding, that, unfortunatelly, I can’t tell you about quite yet, but that really make me look forward to it. I’ll let you know all about it later.
For now, enjoy their engagement session!

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If you would like to be photographed with (or without) your other half in a similar way, let me know HERE.


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