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Wedding / Bröllop , August 30, 2019

Svenskt-persiskt bröllop på Aludden Prôvidore (Nääs)

You might have noticed Karin & Pejman’s pre-wedding session in golden hour on my blog before. This is the story of their wedding day in Nääs surroundings and Aludden Prôvidore.

They planned to have an outdoor wedding from the beginning, but when we were on our way to Nääs the rain was pouring down, and I was feeling really sorry for these two lovebirds, because they are literally one of the sweetest couples that I have ever met!

Bouquet from Rallar-Rosen in Lerum.
Hair & make-up by Amanda Nord. Brud förberedelser på Nääs fabriker Karin was getting ready at Nääs fabriker hotel and atlhough it was raining no one’s mood seemed to be affected by having to take photos inside. It all started with a very emotional indoor ‘first look’… Första blick på Nääs fabriker hotell

…and continued with some moody photos in the hotel lobby.

Then we discovered a small greenhouse at the back of the hotel which we used as a hideaway, lots of natural light and some greenery. Together with Karin & Pejman’s affection for each other it worked like a charm! När det regnar på bröllopet

Half way through the portraits the rain stopped, the mood improved even more and it started to look much more promising when it came to the ceremony. Bröllopsfoto på Nääs allé

And indeed. The skies cracked open just in time!

Since Karin & Pejman come from different backgrounds their wedding ceremony was a mixture of both Swedish and Persian traditions.

Svenskt-persiskt bröllop nära Göteborg

The couple picked Aludden Prôvidore for their reception. Not only because it is located in beautiful surroundings, but expecially because of the fantastic food, which I know that Karin and Pejman really appreciate. (I happened to be recommended a couple of great restaurants already during our first meeting.)

Bröllopsfest på Aludden Providore

The party, the laughter, the tears, the dance (and more) can begin!!!

The wedding cake was also made at Aludden.

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