Photographer Zita M.

My name is Zita and I’m a photographer.

I have been taking photographs for almost twenty years now. I got my first camera from my father and learned the basics of photography from him. Just as he learned it from his father.

I am always on the go. Only in the last ten years I have moved 12 times between 5 countries and the photography has been the one constant in my life. Some say that I am a workaholic. If that is what you are when creativity keeps you awake at night then I guess I am.

I am currently based in Sweden, close to Gothenburg. I am fluent in six languages (English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Czech and Slovak) and I love learning new things.

It feels like I can never get bored of photography and pushing my limits.

I am honoured every time you let me in and allow me to move you with my photography,  to capture your life moments, your relationships. My goal is to make them into art that you will want to go back to, time and time again.


Zita M.

Traveling Family and Wedding Storyteller and Lifestyle Boudoir Photographer. Passionately capturing love and beauty wherever I go.





Zita M. Photography 2019